3120A Phase Noise Test Probe


3120A Phase Noise Test Probe

Easier, More Accurate and More Cost-Effective Measurements in One Box

The 3120A makes accurate phase-noise and ADEV measurements on signals from 0.5 MHz to 30 MHz, covering the full range of the most commonly used frequency references. The 3120A, requires an external reference and computer to be used with the 3120A Phase Noise Test Software to make measurements. Additionally, customers can purchase software upgrade options to make AM noise, Signal Statistics - HDEV, MDEV, TDEV and jitter measurements, to set test limits and to use it as a frequency counter.


In addition to Phase Noise and Allan Deviation, the user has software options to upgrade the test probe to take several other measurements such as HDEV, MDEV, TDEV, jitter along with using the probe as a frequency counter and set mask test limits.

The all-digital architecture employed in the 3120A uses advanced, high-speed, low-noise analog-to-digital converters in an architecture that does not require a phase-lock loop to make measurements. Along with the easy to use 3120A Phase Noise Test Software, customers can make measurements to characterize their references in a cost-effective manner.

Software Upgrade Options
Customers can add options as software upgrades to the base model based on their needs. Customers will be provided a software license key included with the product upon purchase based on their specific option choices.

AM Noise Measurement
This option allows the 3120A to measure the AM noise spectrum of the input signal. Results are displayed in dBc/Hz at offsets from 1 Hz to 100 kHz, with typical instrument noise below -165 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz (-160 dBc/Hz specified performance).

Signal Statistics - HDEV, TDEV, MDEV Measurement and Jitter
The Signal Statistics option provides additional statistics for advanced stability monitoring and characterization. These include Modified Allan Deviation (MDEV), Hadamard Deviation (HDEV), and Time Deviation (TDEV) for frequency stability measurements, as well as jitter, residual FM, and SSB carrier/noise levels between user-specified integration limits in phase noise measurements.

Frequency Counter
This option adds a real-time chart of absolute frequency measurements to the Frequency Difference graph. The chart is continuously updated at averaging times from less than one second to over 1000 seconds.

Mask Test
The Mask Test option takes the visual guesswork out of performance optimization and production testing. With this option, measurements made by the 3120A are automatically evaluated against user-definable limit lines for phase noise, AM noise, Allan deviation, and other graph types.

Key Features

  • Measurements are extremely easy to make, with no pre-calibration or configuration required
  • Accurate results are presented within seconds of a measurement having been started
  • Input carrier signals can be characterized much more accurately than before, to less than 100 fs (5 MHz carrier, 1 Hz to 100 kHz)
  • Allan deviation is measured in parallel with phase noise
  • Easy to use 3120A Phase Noise Test Software (Windows based) shipped with the product
  • Includes digital I/O expansion port and independent access to input ADCs
  • SFDR specified at -100 dBc, typically << -130 dBc
  • Base model (HW Kit) - Phase Noise and Allan Deviation
  • Upgrade Options
    • AM Noise License for Phase Noise Test Software
    • Signal Statistics (MDEV, ADVE, TDEV, Jitter) License for Phase Noise Test Software


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