5120A Test Set


5120A Test Set

Accurate, Cost Effective Measurements in Seconds

The one-box digital 5120A Phase Noise and Allan Deviation Test Set directly samples the RF inputs and performs all phase difference, phase noise, and Allan deviation calculations numerically. It is self-configuring, self-calibrating, requires no external phase-lock loop, and allows the oscillator under test and reference to have different frequencies. No additional hardware is required.


The 5120A leverages the extensive knowledge and experience obtained by Symmetricom during the development of the industry standard for ADEV measurements, the 5110A. The next generation 5115A makes accurate single sideband (SSB) phase noise and ADEV measurements at the click of a button, all at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions. With a frequency range of 1 - 30MHz, the next generation 5115A also provides phase noise measurement accuracy down to previously impossible levels of ±1.0 dB.


One Box Solution

The innovative 5115A combines sophisticated timing technologies into a single advanced instrument, which integrates all required measurement functionality into a one box solution, requiring no calibration or configuration.


Accurate Measurements Without An External Reference

Since all configuration and calibration is done by the 5115A, extremely accurate measurements are made without a highly trained engineer having to oversee these measurements. To begin making measurements simply connect the device under test and reference (which is optional with the 5120A-01) to the 5120A and press the green Start button. Within seconds results are presented on the high resolution, real-time display.


Highly Accurate

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) calibrated a sample 5115A and confirmed its accuracy to be better than ±1.0 dB, the best in the industry. Its ADEV specification is <1E-14 at 1 second averaging time.


Futureproofed Test Set

A quick factory upgrade converts the 5115A into a 5120A, improving the phase noise floor by up to 28 dB.


Wide Range Measurement Capability

The 5115A's all-digital design supports the widest range of phase noise and ADEV measurements of any commercially available product. The patented all-digital design in the 5115A enables phase noise measurements, to be without carrier suppression, which allows measurements below 0.1 mHz. This same technology makes ADEV measurements to over 300 days possible.


No Longer Must the Reference and DUT be at the Same Frequency

Unlike traditional measurement systems, the 5115A does not require that the frequency of the reference be the same as the DUT, thus allowing accurate measurements to be made on a DUT at any frequency, with a single low noise reference.


Output Options for Further Analysis

The 5115A meets the needs of applications requiring printing or further data analysis. The front panel Print button allows direct printing. When further data analysis is required, measurement data from the 5115A can be easily imported into industry standard software for frequency stability analysis, like Stable32.


Key Features


  • Simultaneous Phase Noise and Allan Deviation Measurements
  • Supports 1 - 30 MHz Frequency Range
  • Measurement Results Displayed within Seconds: No External Data Processing Required
  • Industry Leading Accuracy (±1.0 dB)
  • Allan Deviation Measurements (to over 300 Days)
  • Phase Noise Measurements as Close as 0.1 mHz from the Carrier
  • No Measurement Calibration Required: Saves Time
  • Real-time Noise Floor Displayed
  • Intuitive Remote Network Management and Data Acquisition
  • Easy to Use Graphical User Interface
  • Phase Noise Measurements Down to -147 dBc/Hz
  • Supports Measurements with Input and Reference at Different Frequencies
  • Cost-effective solution: no additional hardware required


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