Low Noise Ruggedized rubidium oscillator delivers superior frequency stability in diverse environmental conditions


The 8200LN combines excellent frequency stability and low phase noise in a hermetically sealed, shock and vibration hardened package. It is an ideal choice for a wide variety of ground tactical, shipboard, and airborne applications.

The 8200LN is a ruggedized precision rubidium oscillator that combines excellent frequency stability and low dynamic phase noise in a small, low profile package weighing less than 2 lbs.

Designed for adverse environmental conditions

The 8200LN is based on a 30 year track record of proven rubidium technology to deliver superior frequency stability under widely divergent operating conditions found in ground tactical, shipboard and airborne applications.

10MHz and 1PPS Outputs

The standard performance 8200LN provides both 10MHz and 1PPS outputs.

Small Form Factor

The compact, low profile package of the 8200LN measures less than 1.0 inches high.


Key Features

  10MHz Output

  1PPS Output

  1PPS Input

  Low Phase Noise

  Low Weight < 2lbs.

  Shock/Vibration Hardened

  Digital Monitor & Control

  Low Physical Profile (<1.0 inches high)

Optional Features

  5MHz Output

  Low-g sensitivity


The 8200LN is designed for use in:

  Ground tactical, shipboard and airborne applications

  Advanced communications

  Navigation and targeting systems


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