Auxiliary Output Generator

Symmetricom's Auxiliary Output GeneratorTM, designated the AOG-110, solves performance and capability issues associated with the use of high stability frequency standards.

Until now, intermediate offset generators that extended a standard's frequency range without a performance sacrifice were difficult or impractical to obtain. Now the AOG-110 is available with a 5 MHz output, programmable over a broad frequency range with extremely high resolution and precise phase control at an economical price.

  • 5 MHz Low Phase Noise Outputs

  • Output Phase Offset Programmable to 1 Picosecond

  • Output Frequency Programmable to 1.0E-19 Fractionally Over 5.0E-8 Range

  • Temperature Control Insures Thermal Stability

  • RF Subsystem Developed from Hydrogen Maser Technology

  • Second Generation Microprocessor Control

  • Digital Phase and Frequency Control Menu Driven Interface with Keypad Access

  • LCD Display Provides Easy Access to Configuration and Performance Information

  • Full System Control via RS-232 Compatible Interface

  • Password Protected Remote Operation Provides Security

  • Absolute and Relative Frequency Control

  • Dual-Mode, Timed Frequency Control Allows Interval Frequency and Final Frequency Settings

  • Output Relative Phase Control Over User Defined Intervals

  • Suspend and Resume Available on Programmed Intervals

  • Real-Time Clock Set and Adjust



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