Audit Server


Maintain a secure, verifiable audit trail of the time synchronization of your network.

IT enterprises need a secure, verifiable audit trail and Audit Server software provides a secure, verifiable audit trail of the time synchronization of an IT network. Designed to work in conjunction with the Symmetricom Domain Time II time synchronization components, Audit Server automatically provides the clear, indisputable records needed to easily resolve any contested timestamp issue that may arise. The records collected by Audit Server include complete information to allow auditors to determine precisely when a machine was last synchronized, with what time source, as well as its variance from the reference time source. 

Monitored Machines Reliably and Individually Identified
All Domain Time II Server and Client services are individually identified using a unique serial number that is assigned when the Domain Time II software is installed. 

Time Synchronized Regularly and Accurately with a Known Time Source
A Domain Time II Server connects securely to a trusted network time source such as a Symmetricom dedicated GPS referenced network time server, and then distributes that time accurately and verifiably to every time-aware machine on the network using the Domain Time II time distribution system. 

Vital Information Easily Retrievable
Domain Time II Servers and Clients services keep detailed internal statistics on their operation which is regularly queried by Audit Server. Statistics are regularly retrieved from clients and servers using the Domain Time II protocol, which allows for efficient transfer of the information to the Audit Server, with a very small amount of traffic. This means that the audit process is very low-overhead and has minimal impact on the network. 

Concise and Complete Audit Records
The Audit Server automatically contacts Domain Time II Servers and Clients (and any specified NTP servers) to collect their audit data on a schedule you specify. This information is compiled into compact record files that include all relevant information about each monitored system.

Automatically Audit the Time on Your Network

Clear, Indisputable Records

Generate Alerts if Time or Audit Period Exceeds Specified Tolerances

Integrates Perfectly with Domain Time II Time Synchronization Software Suite

Integrates with Existing Network Management ProgramsComplete Records of Time Synchronization Accuracy of the Computers on Your Network

Know When a Machine was Last Synchronized, with What Time Source, as Well as its Variance from the Reference Time Source

Peace of Mind From an Automatic Software System Routinely Auditing Time on Your Network

Know That You Will be Notified if Time or Audit Period is Out of Tolerance

Cross Check Network Time with Independent Time Sources for Historical Validation


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