bc635PCIe (IRIG)


bc635PCIe (IRIG)


Symmetricom's bc635PCIe PCI Express timing module provides unparalleled precise time and frequency to the host computer and peripheral systems. Time is typically acquired from time code signals such as IRIG B.

Extremely accurate time provided to the host computer.  Integration of the module is easily facilitated with standard drivers for Windows, Linux, and Solaris that included with the module.

Extensive time code generation and translation are supported. The generator outputs eitherIRIG A, B, G, E, IEEE 1344, NASA 36, XR3 or 2137 in both amplitude modulated (AM) and DC level shift (DCLS) formats. The translator reads and may be used to discipline the 10 MHz oscillator to either the AM or DCLS format of IRIG A, B, G, E, IEEE 1344, NASA 36, XR3 or 2137 time codes.

The module also has a state-of-the-art DDS rate synthesizer capable of 0.0000001 PPS to 100 MPPS. Three Event Time Capture registers provide a means of latching time of external events.  A key feature of the bc635PCIe is the ability to generate interrupts on the PCI bus at programmable rates. These interrupts can be used to synchronize applications on the host computer as well as signal specific events.


  • IRIGA, B, G, E, IEEE 1344, NASA 36, XR3 & 2137 Time Code Inputs and Outputs
  • Simultaneous AM and DCLS Time Code Inputs and Outputs
  • 100-Nanosecond Clock Resolution for Time Requests
  • Programmable <<1 PPS to 100 MPPS DDS Rate Synthesizer Output/Interrupt
  • 1, 5, or 10 MPPS Rate Generator Output
  • 1 PPS and 10 MHz Inputs
  • Three (3) External Event Time Capture/Interrupts
  • Programmable Time Compare Output/Interrupt
  • Zero Latency Time Reads
  • Battery Backed Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • Low Profile PCI Express Form Factor
  • Linux, Solaris & Windows Software Drivers/SDKs Included
  • Superior User Interface & Documentation
  • OptionalOCXOUpgrade


  • Precise Sub-Microsecond Time Available to Host Computer Applications
  • Easy Integration Facilitated with included Windows, Linux & Solaris SDKs & Drivers
  • Extremely Fast Time Reads
  • Programmable Time & Frequency Functions to Quickly Customize for Specific Applications
  • Wide Variety of Time Codes Facilitate
  • Dedicated and responsive technical support to assist in PCIe card integration
  • Easy Integration with Existing Systems


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