GenRad 1840-A Output Power Meter


GenRad 1840-A Output Power Meter


The General Radio 1840A measures audio-frequency power into any desired load. Its important uses include the measurement of:


    *Power output of oscillators, amplifiers, preamplifiers, transformers, transducers, and low-frequency lines.

    *Output impedance, by adjustment of the load to yield maximum power indication.

    *Frequency-response characteristics of amplifiers, transformers, and other audio-frequency devices.



This instrument is basically a multi-tapped audio-frequency transformer with a fixed secondary load. Its two front-panel switches connect eight identical primary windings and six secondary taps in various combinations to provide a total of 48 different primary impedances.


The maximum power rating can be extended for any given impedance with the use of simple T-network attenuator, design data for which are supplied with the instrument.


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