GPS Lightning Arrestors


GPS Lightning Arrestors

Protects Against Lightning Discharges

Lightning can damage GPS system components and receiving equipment, even without a direct hit. This can result in costly repairs and critical interruption of service. The 58538A Lightning Arrestor and the 58539A GPS L1 Lightning Arrestor are designed to work in conjunction with a low-resistance, low-inductance ground to protect your GPS receiver and elements of the antenna system from lightning discharges and field-induced electrical surges.

The 58538A Lightning Arrestor is directly mountable to a grounding panel and the 58539A GPS L1 Lightning Arrestor is for mounting to flat surfaces.


Symmetricom 58538A

The 58538A is a small, waterproof unit designed to operate in the communications band up to 2.5 GHz, and to take much of the energy out of a nearby lightning strike. This unit is typically installed in a grounding panel where the antenna cable enters the building. The 58538A will protect receiving equipment only, and must be used in conjunction with the 58539A.


Symmetricom 58539A

The 58539A is a larger package optimized for use in the GPS L1 frequency range. It will reduce the energy from a nearby lightning strike to a level where it will not harm either antenna system components or receiving equipment. The 58539A may be used alone or with the 58538A.


Protect Antenna, Receiver, or Both

With the 58538A and 58539A, you can configure your system to protect the antenna and nearby components only, the receiving equipment only, or both. Your system can also be set up in the recommended configuration or in a more economical configuration.


Protect Antenna and Nearby Components Only

When placed close to the GPS antenna, the 58539A will protect the antenna from surge voltages and currents that can be induced in the antenna cable by lightning. Antenna system components, such as line amplifiers, will also be protected if located between the antenna and the arrestor.


Protect Both Antenna and Equipment

Your GPS system can be configured to protect the antenna and nearby components as well as receiving equipment.


Low Maintenance Cost

Both the 58538A and the 58539A have integrated gas-filled surge arrestor capsules. During lightning strikes, the capsules can direct a single 40 kA current impulse or multiple 20 kA impulses to ground without being destroyed. Periodic replacement of the capsules ensures that the arrestors are performing at their best.


Durable and Easy to Install

The 58538A and 58539A are designed for easy installation in either indoor or outdoor locations. Both arrestors are waterproof and corrosion resistant, and both feature sturdy Type-N connectors. The 58538A can be mounted directly into a grounding panel. The 58539A has built-in mounting holes for mounting to a flat surface.

Key Features


  • Small and easy to install
  • Replaceable Surge Capsule
  • Waterproof



  • Waterproof
  • Inside/Outside Usage
  • Flat Mounting
  • Replaceable Surge Capsule


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