Multi-Function Time and Frequency PCI Plug-in Card

The PCI-SG 2U provides precise time to computers that have PCI expansion slots. The time is derived from an IRIG-A or B time code input or the internal oscillator in the standalone generator mode. The PCI-SG 2U automatically supports both the 3.3V and 5.0V signaling of the PCI bus.

The frequency of the PCI-SG 2U's internal oscillator is precisely disciplined to that of the external synchronization input. Synchronization to an external 1 PPS is also possible. Integration of the module is easily facilitated with the optional driver developer's kit for Windows.

Multiple Programmable Timing Options
Time, microseconds through years, and status information is supplied on demand over the 32-bit PCI bus. In addition to time and status, the PCI-SG 2U provides a 1 PPS pulse rate, a programmable time-compare register, a programmable frequency pulse rate, an external event time capture, and an IRIG B serial time code output.

Rear panel BNC connectors are used for the IRIG code input/output. A rear panel mounted multipin connector provides the 1 PPS pulse rate output, the programmable pulse rate output, the external event input signal and the input/output connections for the RS-422 versions of the input/output IRIG time code. You can also configure the analog input code with various input impedance choices.

Supports 3.3V and 5.0V Universal Signaling The PCI-SG 2U automatically supports both the 3.3V and 5.0V signaling of the PCI bus. Information provided over the PCI bus includes time, status, and the time of occurrence of the external event. Interrupts generated by the programmable rate generator, the rate synthesizer, the occurrence of an external event input, and the time compare occurrence are also provided. Depending upon the operating mode, you can program the hours offset from UTC, leap second, year and daylight savings time. An on-board, capacitor-powered clock maintains time during a power failure condition for up to 48 hours.

Key Features

  IRIG A, B or 1 PPS Input

  IRIG B and 1 PPS Outputs

  1 PPS to 1 MPPS Programmable Rate Synthesizer Output/Interrupt

  1, 5, 10 MPPS Rate Generator Output/Interrupt

  External Event Input/Interrupt

  Programmable Time Compare Input/Interrupt

  Real Time Clock Backup

  Windows Control Panel Interface Software

  Optional Windows Software Developer's kit

  Zero Latency Time Reads

  3.3V and 5.0V Universal Signaling


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