Precise Time-Scale System


Precise Time-Scale System


Fully Integrated, World-Class Turnkey Timing System

The Precise Time-Scale system is a fully integrated, world class timing system capable of providing timing accuracies comparable to the best national laboratories. It can combine up to six high performance cesium frequency standards or active Hydrogen Masers in a time scale that drives the local real-time clock (RTC) signal. A high performance timing quality GNSS receiver provides the information used to steer the system output to UTC and generate GPS common-view (CV) data. This allows the frequency standards to be reported to the BIPM for inclusion in the international time scale.

The Precise Time-Scale System is a fully integrated solution that provides industry leading frequency stability, phase-noise performance and Time-Scale availability in a unit as small as one instrument rack.

Symmetricom®'s single rack Precise Time-Scale system provides a real-time local UTC time scale. It can also apply the most accurate GNSS and TWSTFT techniques for measuring offsets between geographically dispersed clocks.

As the international standard time scale, Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) is the composite of clocks throughout the world. The time of each clock is reported to the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) using either GNSS common view (CV) or Two-Way Satellite Time and Frequency Transfer (TWSTFT). National laboratories also compute a local time scale steered to agree with UTC designated as UTC(lab), where lab is the BIPM assigned name of the laboratory producing the time scale. Local UTC Time-Scale systems have state-of-the-art frequency stability, phase noise performance, and system availability.

The Symmetricom Precise Time-Scale System meets these requirements using Symmetricom manufactured precise timing products. The Precise Time-Scale System offers faster deployment, ease of use, lower ownership cost, higher product quality, reliable operation, and a single point of responsibility for all system support.

Key Features

  One 5071A high performance Cesium clock

  8 Channel measurement system

  Real Time Clock with user outputs

  GPS Common View Time Comparison

  BIPM Reporting

  Frequency Accuracy ±1x10-14 (Long Term)

  Time Accuracy to 10ns RMS to UTC

  Battery Back-Up

  Local Graphical User Interface

  World-class KAS 2 time-scale algorithm that estimates time error clocks

Optional Features

  Ability to upgrade with two additional cesium clocks in the same rack

  Ability to add up to three additional cesium or hydrogen Maser clocks externally


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