SyncServer® S250

SyncServer® S250


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GPS Network Time Server with Timing Enhancements

Next Generation ready, the SyncServer® S250TM is a GPS Network Time Server with multiple and versatile timing configurations. It provides ultra precise time and frequency outputs and redundant back-up, essential for Next Generation IT networks that require network time servers that are versatile in their ability to provide precise time.


The SyncServer S250 provides multiple and versatile timing configurations that support the expanding technological requirements of large enterprises.  It is Next Generation ready to be the synchronization source for multiple applications

Multiple and Versatile Timing Configurations
The Stratum 1 S250 will automatically synchronize to GPS, IRIG B AM, 1PPS, and 10 MHz in that priority. It smoothly transitions from one reference to the next available if the higher priority signal is lost or regained. This is perfect for operating with different backup time or frequency sources. The S250 can also revert to a Stratum 2 mode and retrieve time from other user-designated time servers.

Easy To Set Up and Maintain
SyncServers are the easiest to set up and maintain network time servers in the world. The front panel of the SyncServer S250 is designed to quickly bring the server online with a few front panel keystrokes or DHCP. To fully configure the unit, use the very intuitive web interface or the step-by-step wizards for the most common operations.

Highly Robust and Secure
The S250 provides reliable and secure network synchronization technology by combining multi-port, high-speed/ high-capacity network interfaces and versatile GPS timing receiver technology.

Flexibility and Performance
The multiple ports of the S250 provide the flexibility to adapt to different network topologies as networks grow and change. It supports a wide range of network protocols including IPv4 and IPv6, for easy management and seamless integration into your existing and future network. The high speed processor and a nanosecond clock assure high bandwidth NTP performance for hundreds of thousands of network clients.

Assured Perfect Timing
The Stratum 1 level S250 derives extremely accurate time directly from the atomic clocks aboard the GPS satellite system. Reliability is further enhanced via Stratum 2 operation by retrieving time from other user-designated time servers. All SyncServers can be upgraded to an internal Rubidium atomic oscillator to keep the time server accurate if the GPS signal is lost.

Customer Tested Time Server Design
The 5th generation Symmetricom SyncServer S250 has decades of design experience behind it. Customer input is evident in every detail. From the front and rear panel design configurations to the state-of-the art web interface, the S250 is unsurpassed in reliability, accuracy, security and ease of use.

Bottom Line
The SyncServer S250 is the perfect solution to bringing ultra precise time and frequency to network and instrumentation synchronization with the added benefit ease-of-use and state-of-the-art networking technology.


Next generation, High-Bandwidth NTP Time Server

Stratum 1 Operation Via GPS Satellites

3 Independent 10/100Base-T Ports

High-Resolution Vacuum

Florescent Display

Full numeric keypad

IPv6 and IPv4 Compatible

Secure Web-Based Management

SSH, SSL, SCP, SNMP v3, Custom

MIB, HTTPS, Telnet, FTP, and more

Stratum 2 Operation via NTP Servers

Nanosecond time accuracy to UTC

IRIG B AM, 1PPS, 10 MHz input/output

Dedicated Sysplex Timer output

Email Alerts for Alarms or Error

Single Satellite Timing

Dual USB ports

Two-Year Warranty

Rubidium & OCXO Oscillator Upgrades

All features of the SyncServer S200



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