7600Plus Precision LCR Meter


7600Plus Precision LCR Meter


Swept Measurements: Fast and accurate swept parameter measurements, graphical or tabular, for verification of component and material response to changes in ac test frequency, ac test voltage or ac test current, without the need for complex programming or an external controller.

Program and Data Storage: Test setups can be stored and recalled either internal memory or from the USB memory stick. Measured data can be stored on a memory stick and then transferred to PC for data reduction and analysis.

Load Correction: Substantially improves instrument accuracy by performing measurements on a known standard and applying the correction to subsequent measurements. Ideal for repetitive testing of identical devices at like test conditions.

Automatic Calibration Procedure: The 7600 can be calibrated without returning the unit to the factory using the NIST traceable QuadTech Calibration Kit, reducing down time and calibration costs.

Easy to Use: Large LCD graphics display and user friendly menu driven interface allows the 7600 to be put on line quickly, providing useful measurements by operators with little to no training.

Why Buy?
The widest possible frequency range (10Hz to 2MHz)
The graphical sweep function of a measured parameter vs. frequency, voltage or current
A lower cost alternative to the Agilent E4980A

Measures 14 Impedance Parameters (2 simultaneously)
0.05% Basic Measurement Accuracy
Programmable Frequencies from 10Hz to 2MHz
AC Test Voltage Programmable from 20mV to 5V
DC Bias Voltage, 2V Internal or 0 to 200V External
Fast Measurement Speeds up to 120/Second
Automatic Open/Short Zeroing Eliminates Connection Errors
High Resolution LCD with 7 Digit Display
14 Hi/Lo Sorting Bins for Pass/Fail Testing
RS-232, USB, Printer, IEEE-488 optional and PLC Interfaces all Standard
Results Displayed as Deviation or %Deviation from a Nominal Value
Internal Storage and Recall of Test Setups
Constant Voltage Maintained to the Device Under Test
Ability to Automatically Perform 6 Unique Tests in Sequence
Keypad Lockout Prevents Changes to the Test Setup
On site calibration with NIST Traceable Cal Kit
Programmable Average and Delay Times


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