METERcert Software


METERcert Software


Control up to Sixteen RM-17s from one PC


With the use of METERcert you will get the versatility you require for test control of up to sixteen meters. At a moment's notice, the user can add and remove RM-17s to accommodate the work load on-site or in the lab. An easy to understand software interface allows the operator to configure a new setup effortlessly. Independent control of each station allows for the use of multiple test parameters without interfering with other meters in the testing process.

Bar Code Scanner Support


With the use of the optional bar code scanner meter information is automatically loaded and stored into METERcert. Optional bar code reading reduces the time between tests and eliminates the possibility of incorrect meter data being loaded that can result in confusion and reduced meter throughput.

Automatic Pass/Fail Indicator


Speed workflow with the automatic Pass/Fail indicator. Once your test criteria has been set the test is automatically run, and an indicator allows easy meter performance evaluation. Never retest because of an error in calculation or mistaken evaluation.

Automated Full Load, Light Load, PF Testing


The ability to run automated full load, light load and power factor testing eliminates operator interaction and increases meter testing efficiency though the meter lab.

Closed Loop Current Control


The RM-17 ensures accurate sourcing of current to the meter under test, under any burden condition. Without closed loop control, current can sag to an unknown state without awareness.

Flexible Testing Methods


The RM-17 provides the electric utility with multiple testing operations. For testing induction meters the operator can count disk revolutions while starting and stopping the test from the hand controller. The optional RM-DS Meter Disk Sensor can be utilized to automatically sense disk revolutions. Radian offers the RM-DS with different mounting arrangements further enhancing user flexibility. For electronic meters, the optional RR-1H Optical Pickup can be utilized to sense infrared calibration pulses.

Accuracy Certification


The RM-17 is the only system of its kind to come with a complete calibration report certifying measurement accuracy across its entire operating range. The RM-17 can be easily tested with a simple accuracy certification test procedure using a Radian RD-23 Primary Reference Standard and the optional RD-TJ Test Jack. Complete recertification and recalibration service is available from Radian's NIST traceable calibration laboratory.

Ease of Operation


While providing the advanced functionality expected by experienced meter technicians, the RM-17 offers the ease of operation required for non-metering personnel. The operator simply removes the watthour meter from the socket and replaces it with the RM-17 Socket Adapter. The meter under test is then set in the Socket Adapter. Next, the operator selects test parameters from the RM-17 Hand Controller and initiates the test. Testing is then facilitated automatically by the RM-17 with little or no operator involvement depending on the testing method used. The hand controller features an alphanumeric keypad with large tactile feel buttons strategically located for ease of command selection. Operator commands are entered by way of a logical menu system enhanced by a 4 line, 16 character LCD display.


RM-17 and METERcert in the Meter Lab


With Radian's new METERcert software metering personnel can use the same familiar RM-17 hardware both in the on-site and in the lab. METERcert software provides an interface that allows up to sixteen RM-17s to be operated at the same time. With the combination of the RM-17 along with METERcert, meter labs now have a low-cost alternative to a high priced large multi position meter testing system.


The Radian Research RM-17 has long been known for its leadership, convenience and superior performance in residential on-site meter testing. While the RM-17 provides easy transfer of on-site data to the lab and class accuracy of 0.05%, most meter labs require additional test equipment in-house in the form of a multi position meter test solution.

RM-17 for On-site Testing


While simple to use for non-metering personnel, the RM-17 offers advanced features tailored for experienced meter technicians and supervisors. The RM-17 combines data management with superior accuracy and flexibility to provide a completely systematic approach to residential meter testing.


Using a true Radian standard as its reference, the RM-17 solution to residential meter testing provides typical accuracies 10 to 50 times greater than watthour verifying products. Full ANSI C12 compliance, including 0.5 lagging power factor testing as well as kW demand testing further distinguishes the RM-17 as the only portable test system flexible enough to meet the diverse needs of today's electric utility company.


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