The RD-3x Dytronic Energy Reference Standard

RD-3x  Versatility, Accuracy & Portability

The Radian RD-3x series of Polyphase Electricity Energy Reference Standards are designed to meet the demanding needs of today's  Electrical Power & Energy applications. The RD-3x extends beyond traditional Power & Energy measurement with optional Power  Quality & CT analysis making the RD-3x a truly versatile instrument.


The RD-3x series is versatile enough to be used for a broad range of laboratory and fi eld-test applications. Functionality is maintained throughout a -20oC to +70oC temperature range over which the RD-3x has an unparallel accuracy making it an  ideal solution for fi eld meter as well as CT test applications using the optional RD-BR1 burden and ratio analysis module. The RD-3x supports a broad range of functionality, including measurement of voltage, current, phase, harmonics and an ample
selection of time based energy measurement functions. The Radian RD-33 Three-phase Electricity Reference Standard achieves a level of accuracy and performance unsurpassed for portable standards.
The RD-3x is a four quadrant three-phase measuring instrument that  registers both forward and reverse energy fl ow and provides per phase voltage, current, power and energy (Active, Reactive, Apparent) information. RD products are thoroughly evaluated during manufacturing across a
wide temperature range to help remove premature failures. Measurement performance is certifi ed using Radian's RS-Syntron calibration systems, which are traceable to National & International Institutes.


The rugged, light weight RD-3X extends its capability to on-site Meter & CT test applications. The optional built in computer and Power analysis capability further reduces the need for additional computing hardware.


The RD-3x incorporates Radian's patented Dytronic measurement technology consisting of a Radian designed Integrating Analog to Digital Signal Converter. Unlike off-the-shelf A/D converters used in similar instruments, Radian's A/D Converter is specifi cally designed and optimized for power and energy measurement.  This unique design makes the RD-3x absolutely unsurpassed in their ability to accurately measure "real world" waveforms.The RD-3x A/D Converter is combined with Radian's patented electronically compensated voltage and current input transformers along with hermetically sealed & matched reference resistors that provide the highest degree of accuracy, stability, and versatility offered in a portable three-phase standard. This transformer technology replaces the need for less reliable range changing relays found in traditional measurement instruments

Quick overview:

1 mA to 120 Amp (200 Amp optional)
30 V to 630 V
Phase 0.003 - P.F. Range: Any
45 Hz to 65 Hz ( Fundamental)
Harmonics to the 64th
Programmable Wh/pulse

Energy Measurement Accuracy

GOOD:     RD-30    0.04%
BETTER:   RD-31    0.02%
BEST:      RD-33    0.01%

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