UT-ONE B03A 3-channels Thermometer readout




UT-ONE B03A is accurate and versatile 3 channels thermometer readout. UT-ONE B03A is capable of measuring platinum resistance thermometers, thermistors and thermocouples. Optionally, an ambient combined probe may be used for the measurement of ambient conditions (air temperature and relative humidity). UT-ONE B03A features a color touch screen which presents measured data in graphical and numerical format. UT-ONE B03A can be operated in a stand-alone mode or connected to the computer via the serial or USB interface. UT-ONE B03A can be battery-operated from the internal LiPo battery, which provides up to eight hours of standalone operation.

Graphical user interface

UT-ONE B03A has a touch-screen user interface. The only exception is the start key, which is located on the right side of the screen and is used for starting and stopping the UT-ONE B03A. The most important feature of the user interface are the horizontal and vertical menu, which are located at the bottom and right side of the screen. Vertical menu consists of two menu buttons, which are used to display either measurement (button-'MEASURE') or configuration (button-'CONFIGURE') view. Horizontal menu contains different menu commands, which are dynamically adapting to the current operation and are described with each window.

Measurement view is used for viewing and controlling the measurements on configured channels. There are four measurement sub views, which present the data in graphic and/or numeric format. The measurement sub views are:

  • Mixed measurement view presents the measurement data in numerical and graphical format.
  • Graph measurement view presents the data in graphic format only, using the entire screen
  • Numeric measurement view presents the data in numeric format using large font
  • Channel measurement view displays the extended information for the selected channel

UT-ONE B03A measurement system consists of three main channels (C1, C2 and C3), which correspond to three channels for the connection of three thermometer probes. It also has two additional channels (RH and TA) for connection of combined probe, which measures relative humidity and ambient temperature. Channel names are listed below (also see fig.:UT-ONE B03A Mixed measurement view) :

  • C1 - Corrected temperature reading from temperature probe on channel C1
  • C2 - Corrected temperature reading from temperature probe on channel C2
  • C3 - Corrected temperature reading from temperature probe on channel C3
  • RH - Corrected reading of relative humidity from combined probe for monitoring ambient conditions
  • TA - Corrected reading of air temperature from combined probe for monitoring ambient conditions
  • TD - Corrected reading of dew-point temperature from combined probe for monitoring ambient conditions. This reading is calculated from values in channels RH and TA
  • TJ - Corrected temperature reading of internal thermometer for cold-junction compensation

UT-ONE Applications

UT-ONE Applications software is a LabVIEW-based package of applications for communication between a personal computer and UT-ONE thermometer readout family. UT-ONE Applications are delivered as an executable installer and require no additional licences. LabVIEW source code for selected applications is available on request for qualified customers.

UT-ONE Applications software consists of the following applications:

  • UT-ONE Interface is a support application, which mimics the UT-ONE user interface on computer screen. The user can control, acquire and export measurements, review/change user-defined probes and calibration data, and manage various settings of UT-ONE thermometer readout.
  • UT-ONE Probe Calibration Demo is a basic application for calibration by comparison of temperature probes (Pt-100, thermistors and thermocouples) using the UT-ONE thermometer readout. This application measures reference temperature on one main channel and related resistance/emf of the probe under calibration on another main channel. Measurements at several calibration points are then combined and calibration coefficients are calculated and optionally stored in UT-ONE non-volatile memory. This application is applicable as a convenient tool for basic calibration of temperature probes, as well as for evaluation of UT-ONE capabilities. Contact Batemika for more information about our full-featured custom-made calibration software.
  • UT-ONE Digitizing is an application for fast acquisition of temperature on main channels. This application enables the user to perform continious measurements with up to 470 samples per second, with reduced accuracy and resolution.
  • UT-ONE Driver is a simple tool for testing the functionality of communication interface with commands from the UT-ONE remote command set.
  • UT-ONE Firmware Upgrade is a tool for upgrading the firmware of the UT-ONE thermometer readout.

Ambient conditions probe

Ambient conditions probe is used for the measurement of ambient conditions (air temperature - TA and relative humidity - RH). It can be connected to the 4-pole circular connector located above the touch screen directly or indirectly with the 2 m extension cable.


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