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is company with international activities, which continues in nearly 48 years tradition of deliveries and support of test and measurement equipments, calibrators, standards and diagnostics tools (for electrical and non-electrical quantities) used in laboratories and in industry.

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News - TimeProvider® 4500 Series Grandmaster

Introducing High-Speed Network Connectivity and Ultra High Accuracy for Critical Infrastructure Operators TimeProvider® 4500 Series Grandmaster

Time for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Time for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

IET Labs 802-A Null detector (replacement of Fluke 845)

News - a replacement for the Fluke 845 "null detector" available

Sale of stock, demonstration or refurbished measuring equipment - 2024

Sale of stock, demonstration or refurbished measuring equipment - 2024

Bode Analyzer Suite 3.25 SR2 released

Bode Analyzer Suite 3.25 SR2 released

Vector Network Analyzer - Bode 500

Preliminary Information! The Bode 500 is still under development and we will update this page with the latest information available.

Merry Christmas - PF 2024

Wish of a nice Merry Christmas and a happy and successful New Year.

New Cesium Atomic Clock Provides Autonomous Precise Time of 100 ns Holdover for Months

Microchip’s 5071B is a compact commercial timing product offering ease of deployment across multiple industries

LogTag website

Availability of new customized LogTag web pages

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