Designs and manufactures digital thermometer readouts, platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs), thermocouples and thermal imaging devices.


Precission C bridges Capacitance standards and decades Accessories

Spectrum Weinschel

fixed attenuators variable and step attenuators programmable attenuators subsystems and accesosories power dividers and splitters terminations connector systems coaxial adapters phase shifters DC blocks

Batemika Measurement Solutions

specialized equipment in thermometry and temperature metrology

Focus Telecom

Protecting against GNSS Jamming Protect PNT against GPS Vulnerabilities Monitoring PNT Jamming Threats Industry’s only commercial GNSS protection solution

Gems Sensors & Controls

Pressure sensors Precission level switches, various models and types Flow switches various types Special solutions Solenoid valves

IET Labs

Resistance, capacitance and inductance decades Resistance, capacitance and inductance standards Stroboscopes Sound level meters RTD simulators Current/voltage source, voltage dividers Ohmmeters IET manufactures, repairs and supports the GenRads Instrument Line

Kambic Metrology

Climatic Chambers Peltier based Climatic Chambers Temperature Chambers Calibration Baths Micro Calibration Baths Air Baths Incubators Universal Dryers, Sterilizers, Glassware Dryers Steam Sterilizers, Autoclaves Vacuum Dryers Climatic Chambers Growth Chambers Freeze Dryers Pass-Boxes Shakers Water Distillers Water Baths Calibration Baths Thermo Blocks Heating Cabinets Digesters Industrial Equipment Equipment for Restorers


The most cost-effective data logger in the market!

Measurements International

precision resistance measurements (DC bridges) precision resistance standards for primary and secondary metrology precise current, voltage and power calibration sources voltage dividers electrical power meters of highest accuracy class special RLC bridges (for energetics use) Baths/enclosures for Resistance standards Resistance decades Current shunts


Perfect timing GPS and Time code instrumentation Time and Frequency System Time and Frequency Distribution (RF, IRIG B, Precision Frequency references (primary standards, cesium frequency standards, rubidium oscillator, Quarts frequency oscillator, Active hydrogen Maser) Bus Level Timing Network Timing (SyncServer S200, S250, Domain Time II SW) Space, Defense and Avionics


Digital multimeters Signal generators Counters (up to 20 GHz)


Smart Measurements Solutions Vector Network Analysis

RADIAN Research

Standard Energy meters Calibrators for standard energy meters Precision voltage and current sources


Plugs, Sockets, Couplers, Adapters, Connectiong plugs, Leads, Test probes, Crocodile clips, Quick-Release Terminals, Terminal posts, Thread locking/sealing Lacquer, Accessories

Tinsley Precision Instruments

Standard Platinum Thermometers (PRT) Temperature Bridges (readouts) Temperature Fixed Point Cells Coil and Transformer testers Micro- and Miliohmmetrers (with high current) Precision LCR bridges Resistance decades and standards AC resistance bridges Baths/enclosures for Resistance standards Capacitance standards and decades Inductance standards and decades Precision voltage dividers and meters Precision inductive dividers Standards energy meters Scanners, switches

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