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40 years serving metrology

Amtest-TM is internationaly working company, which continues in 40 years tradition of deliveries and support of test and measurement equipments, calibrators and standards of highest accuracy for wide range of quantities, and also automatic equipment for testing of electronics circuits.

Amtest's customers are exclusively from territory of the Central and Eastern Europe - therefore we cover sales in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Monteengro, Russia, Ukraine and of course in Czech republic.
Headquarters of Amtest-TM is in Czech Republic.

Amtest-TM provides its current and new customers quality and professional information and services at area of precise measurement, calibration and testing technique. We are preparing complex technical and business solutions of projects with full respect of customer’s expectations and requests. Amtest also offers expert consulting services, technical support and additional cooperation for customers including warranty and after-warranty services; either remotely or at the customer’s site.

Shortly about us and our activities:

  • exclusive sales representative of most of principals mentioned in sortiment
  • support in mesurement, calibration and tests equipments
  • working on projects with mesurement, quotations and execution
  • sale and delivery
  • staff and end-users training at time of goods delivery
  • warranty and after warranty service/support
  • diagnostics and repairing of various equipment
  • technical support everywhere on area CZ and SK and outside, via phone, e-mails, or personally


 Subsidiary services:

  •  analysis of uncertanities (visit at the place of customer, discussion, analysing of measurement process regarding uncertanities, recommendation and final analyse document/SW how to work with uncertanity)
  • conferences/training in theme analysis of uncertanities
  • conferences/training in theme diagnostics faults of PCB, components and electronics


Another subsidiary services:

  • bookkeeping


Another activities:

Amtest-TM s.r.o. is fully active in metrology area for many years, not only as a supplier of devices and instrumens, but in the field of education, trainings and has influence for increasing of metrology level in CZ and SK. Amtest-TM s.r.o. is for example member of:

1. Czech calibration association -

2. Slovak calibration association -  

3. Czech metrology association -


Short-form leaflet about Amtest-TM s.r.o. activities for download here (CZ language only):

Leaflet Amtest-TM



Here is official documentation about our company: 

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