AH TTA1 Two-terminal to Three Terminal Adapter


AH TTA1 Two-terminal to Three Terminal Adapter

The AH TTA1 test adapter provides the means to connect ARCO SS-32 and GR1409 style two-terminal standard capacitors to a three-terminal bridge or meter. It also accommodates leaded components and other capacitors having banana plugs with standard spacing. The adapter can be used with Andeen-Hagerling Capacitance/Loss Bridges or with other commercial test instrumentation using three- or four-terminal connections. Prior to the introduction of the AH TTA1, the GR1620 capacitance bridge1 provided the only standardized commercial fixture to measure two-terminal standard capacitors.


  • Flip of a locking switch allows GR1409 standard capacitors to be measured in either two- or three-terminal mode 
  • Three- or four-terminal BNC jacks accommodate connection to a bridge or meter
  • 5-Way binding posts provide convenient connections to ordinary leaded components 
  • Orientation-dependent labeling helps to guide the proper insertion of standard capacitors
  • Emulates GR1620 defacto standard connection configuration for making two-terminal standard capacitor measurements
  • Additivity of capacitance of stacked GR1409 capacitors is optimized for accuracy
  • Full three-terminal shielding of all internal connections 
  • Three year warranty

Connector type to bridge or meter:

Two pairs of BNC jacks. A three-terminal connection uses one of each pair.


Connector type to standard capacitor:

Three 5-way binding post banana jacks with standard spacing (0.75 inch or 19 mm)



Test Cable: The AH TTA1 is compatible with the cables supplied with AH bridges.


Nominal stray High-to-Low capacitance and loss:

Two-terminal mode: 0.18 pF, D < 0.001@1 kHz, Three-terminal mode: 0.17 pF, D < 0.001 @1 kHz


Stray High-to-Low capacitance and loss with banana jacks fully shielded:

Two- and three-terminal mode: < 3 aF, < 0.00002 nS @1 kHz


Nominal High terminal capacitance to ground:

Two-terminal mode: 12 pF @1 kHz, Three-terminal mode: 8 pF @1 kHz


Nominal Low terminal capacitance to ground:

Two- and three-terminal mode: 7 pF @1 kHz



Measurement modes: Two- or three-terminal using a manual switch.

All measurements connect the High and Low terminals of the capacitance bridge to the L and H terminals of the GR1409, respectively.  In two-terminal mode, the G terminal of the GR1409 is connected to the High terminal of the bridge. In three-terminal mode, the G terminal of the GR1409 is grounded. For Arco SS-32 standard capacitors, there is little difference between two- and three-terminal modes since these capacitors have only two terminals.


Power requirements:



Temperature range:

-40° to +75°C while operating or in storage



0 to 85% operating and storage relative humidity, non-condensing.



The adapter is 2.5 inches (6.4 cm) high, 4.0 inches (10.2 cm) wide and 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) long.



1.1 lbs (0.5 kg)


Safety and EMC conformity:

conforms to EN61326:1998 and EN 61010-1: 1993/A2: 1995



The AH TTA1 is covered by a three year warranty. Forward and return shipping is covered during the first three months of the warranty.


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