AH2700A Option-E Ultra-precisin Capacitance/Loss Bridge with Option-E version

AH2700A Option-E Ultra-precisin Capacitance/Loss Bridge in Option-E version


The AH2700A Option-E is an enhanced precision version of the AH2700A 50Hz- 20kHz bridge. Much like the AH2500A Option-E, the AH2700A Option-E offers higher precision and significantly enhances calibration and verification features over its base model.

Features in common with AH2500A Option-E:

  • Quantitatively improved specifications:
    Temperature Coefficient (TCS)
  • Automated ratio-transformer verification
  • Full report of all internal and transformer calibration points
  • Real-time temperature corrections
    Selected hardware for higher stability

Features New to the AH2700A Option-E

  • Revised definitions for non-linearity and resolution
  • New attenuator ratio specification
  • Expanded cable correction commands
  • DUT stray capacitance loading correction

More details at datasheet.

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