Air calibration baths (+15°C up +50°C)


Air calibration baths (+15°C ... +50°C)


  • refined solution for  ultra-stable temperature environment 24/7, 365
  • convenient Front Access - Side Access for Cables & Probes
  • dry, clean, stable, silent, storage for standard resistors
  • keeping the temperature within 10mK over days 
  • perfect for checking temperature coefficients
  • peltier driven technology
  • cascade PID control
  • metrology performance
  • various volume of air calibration bath - 105, 190 or 300 L
  • temperature range ¨+15°C ... +50°C
  • stability and homogenity in mK range (for example stability ±0.005 @ 23°C or homogenity ±0.02 @ 23°C)
  • best metrology performance for best calibration laboratories or else (medical laboratories, etc.)
  • state of the art solution

More parameters in the datasheet.

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