esi SR1030 Series Oil Immersed Transfer Standard


esi SR1030 Series Oil Immersed Transfer Standard

  • Resistance Values of 1 Ω - 100 kΩ
  • Initial Accuracy... ± 20 PPM of nominal value matched within 10 PPM
  • Transfer Accuracy... ± (1 PPM + 0.1uΩ at parallel value) for 100:1
  • Long Term Accuracy... ± 50 PPM of nominal value
  • Calibration Accuracy... ± 10 PPM

IET continues to produce the SR1030 to the same exacting specs as esi/Tegam

The esi SR1030 transfer standards consist of 12 equal steps. These steps are available in increments of 1Ω (SR1030-1), 10Ω (SR1030-10), 100Ω (SR1030-100), 1kΩ (SR1030-1k), 10kΩ (SR1030-10k) and 100kΩ (SR1030-100k). The esi SR1030 provides four-terminal connections for each step or for series and parallel combinations of these resistance steps using the optional Series-Parallel (SPC102), Parallel Compensation Networks (PC101) and shorting bars (SB103). This improves power dissipation, stability and errors due to variance in temperature. The esi SR1010 and esi SR1030 are used for the same applications and are alike in configuration. The esi SR1030 differs from the esi SR1010 in that it is specially sealed, and values below 100 kΩ are filled with oil to improve changes due to thermal variations.

Extremely Accurate and Stable
The esi SR1030 provides the part-per-million (ppm) resistance transfer accuracies and the long-term stabilities you need in today's modern metrology and calibration laboratories. The esi SR1030 Resistance Transfer Standards are extremely accurate, stable resistance standards that are used on the bench and are light enough to carry with you to remote calibration, repair, production or R&D sites. The esi SR1030 consists of six transfer standards in decades from 1 Ω to 100 kΩ per step. Each decade standard consists of 12 nominally equal resistors matched initially to within 10 ppm. In addition, each decade standard produces three decade values - 10 resistors in series (10R), 10 resistors in parallel (R/10), and nine of the 10 resistors in series/parallel (R). By making a 1:1 comparison with the tenth resistor, you can resolve a series-parallel value to better than 1 ppm.

Oil Immersion Provides Thermal Isolation
All standards, except the 100 kΩ/step standard, are immersed in a mineral oil bath. Oil immersion provides thermal isolation to minimize the effects of ambient temperature variations. This means maximum short-term thermal stability for the standards. The esi SR1030 also exhibits superior long-term stability (±20 ppm of nominal for six months; ±35 ppm typical for two years; ±50 ppm typical for five years). This gives you longer mean time between calibrations, increasing your calibration throughput.

As an added benefit, the oil speeds the dissipation of heat created in the resistors during calibration. This heat dissipation further contributes to the stability of the standards.

Gaskets seal the esi SR1030 to keep the work surface and measuring contacts clean. The gaskets also minimize oil aging and contamination to lengthen the time between oil changes.

Since the 100 kΩ standard can be measured at much lower bridge power than the lower value standards, it is not necessary to immerse the standard in oil. However, this standard still benefits from the thermal lagging effects because it is sealed in a chamber using insulating materials that provide approximately the same temperature lagging effects as oil.

Ideal as a Multi-Value Standard Resistor or Reference Voltage Divider
The high accuracy and precision of the individual resistors make the esi SR1030 ideal for use as a multi-value standard resistor or reference voltage divider. The superior stability of the esi SR1030 makes it particularly suitable for calibrating 6-1/2, 7-1/2 and 8-1/2 digit digital multimeters.

SR1030-1 ---------1 Ω Resistance Transfer Standard
SR1030-10 -------10 Ω Resistance Transfer Standard
SR1030-100 -----100 Ω Resistance Transfer Standard
SR1030-1K -------1 kΩ Resistance Transfer Standard
SR1030-10K -----10 kΩ Resistance Transfer Standard
SR1030-100K ---100 kΩ Resistance Transfer Standard
SR1030-1060A ---Set of 6 Resistance Transfer Standards 1 to 100 kΩ with Measurement Accessories


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