esi / Tegam DB62 Decade Resistor


esi / Tegam DB62 Decade Resistor

  • Precision accuracy of ±(0.01% + 2 mΩ)
  • Resistance range from 0.01 Ω to 11.1111 MΩ
  • 4 models available, each covering six decades
  • High-performance solid silver-alloy contacts
  • Low zero resistance < 6mΩ
  • Improved specifications and design
  • Good frequency characteristics
  • Low temperature coefficient
  • Excellent stability
  • Rack mount option


IET has improved the specifications on esi/Tegam's DB62 decade resistor. These Decade Resistors are primarily intended for precision measurement applications where their excellent accuracy of ±0.01%, stability, and low zero resistance are important.

The esi DB62 Dekabox In-Line Decade Resistor provides dependable long-term service in precision DC through audio frequency applications. Six decades of non-inductive, precision, wire-wound fixed resistors are mounted in a low noise shielded aluminum housing.

The esi DB62 decade resistor is easy to use. The input terminals and a case connected ground terminal are conveniently located on the front panel. The dials rotate independently through 360 degrees to simplify and speed settings. This allows for a coarse approximation and then precise finer steps to provide an exact resistance value.

Accuracy over a wide range of ambient conditions is assured by the use of resistors with good temperature and power coefficients. Repeatability is assured by the use of switches that have multiple contacts of solid silver-alloy. The Dekabox resistance values are easily read from the large-numeral in-line presentation above the knobs. Resistance per step and current ratings of each decade are presented above the knobs for operator convenience and circuit safety.

If you require different ranges or less stringent tolerances, consider the IET HARS Series decade box line.

esi DB62-11K: Range 0.01 Ω - 11.1111 kΩ
esi DB62-111K: Range 0.1 Ω - 111.111 kΩ
esi DB62-1M: Range 1 Ω - 1.11111 MΩ
esi DB62-11M: Range 10 Ω - 11.1111 MΩ



Accuracy: ±(0.01% + 2 mΩ) after subtraction of zero resistance, at 23°C; traceable to SI
Zero Resistance: <1 mΩ per decade at dc
Maximum Voltage to Case: 2000 V peak
Continuous rotation 11 positions marked "0"-"10" Multiple solid silver-alloy contacts


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