GenRad 1433 Series Decade Resistor

The 1433 is a precision resistance source with excellent characteristics of stability, temperature coef¬ficient, power coefficient, and frequency response.

The 1433 Decade Resistors are primarily intended for precision measurement applications where their excellent accuracy, stability, and low zero resistance are important. They are convenient resistance standards for checking the accuracy of resistance-measuring devices and are used as components in dc and audio-frequency applications.

IET continues to produce the 1433 Series Decade Resistors to the same exacti specs as GenRad.

The 1433 Decade Resistor is available in 3 to 11 decades, from 0.001 ohms to 100 Mohms per step, in a single housing . Over 36 different models are available to provide complete flexibility in purchasing only the decades you need in your application. Rack mount versions and version with handles are available. The versions with handles are ideal for mobile calibration laboratories for easy handling.

All 1433 have gold-plated, tellurium-copper, low-thermal-emf binding posts to minimize connection errors and provide long life. The binding posts use industry standard 3/4 inch spacing and shorting link is also provided to connect ground to the low binding post when needed.

Each decade has ten resistors in series, silver-alloy switch contacts ensure stability of resistance, and minimize zero resistance. Zero resistance is typically less than 0.001 ohms/decade.

The resistors used in construction minimize the effects of residual reactance making them ideal for AC resistance measurements. Click on the application note link on left side of page to see IET's 1433 frequency response application note.


• Precision accuracy of +0.01%
• Resistance range from 1 mΩ to 111.11111111 MΩ
• 36 models available, 3 to 11 dials
• Long life switches with solid silver contacts
• Excellent frequency characteristics


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