Measurement Software

Measurement Software


Batemika is specialized in developing software solutions in LabVIEWTM development platform. Batemika can offer a wide range of applications with flexible licensing options:

  • Customized calibration software
  • OEM software solutions
  • Solutions for specialized procedures and tasks


Batemika is developing fully-customized software solutions for temperature and relative humidity calibration laboratories. Our solution is based on central database and is capable of acquiring, analysing and presenting measurement data, which enables software support for the entire calibration procedure from the calibration order to the calibration certificate. Our developers are experts in calibration procedures and uncertainty analysis, so we know what is needed without providing exhaustive software requirements, but we can customized our solution to all your particular calibration/measurement procedures. Our solution is open and can be upgraded with new features by our developers or by the customer. Software solutions developed by our experts are currently used in four european national metrology laboratories for temperature and relative humidity.

Batemika is developing and/or supporting software solutions related to equipment produced by our partners. OEM software solutions are marketed by our partner using its own trademark and under a licensing agreement with Batemika. Our references include:

  • Redeye Toolbox in colaboration with Kambic Metrology is a tool for controlling, logging and monitoring calibration baths and climatic chambers.
  • Accu-T-Cal software in colaboration with MI-Europe and LMK is a solution for calibrations of platinum resistance thermometers using the MI resistance bridges.
  • Batemika M100 bridge mA-meter is a specialized device for measuring the measurement current of resistance bridges. Together with specialized software it can be used to improve the self-heating correction of standard platinum resistance thermometers in measurements of highest accuracy.
  • LCD Commander is specialized software tool for direct interfacing with the content of SD card in 4D Systems™ inteligent display modules.

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