Programmable and Digital Attenuators


Programmable and Digital Attenuators

Aeroflex / Weinschel offers an extensive range of PIN, GaAs, Edge-line, and Relay based programmable attenuators to support your test and subsystem applications. Our wide selection of attenuators offers exceptional repeatability and performance for all applications.

Aeroflex / Weinschel attenuators operate across multiple frequency bands and support applications that include military and commercial satellite, ground communications systems, cable modem and cellular telephone testing, radar, telecommunications and precision microwave test

1. Relay Switched Programmables - New dc-6 GHz Designs, 75Ohm Models, Long Switching Life and High Repeatability. Choice of Standard Attenuation Ranges.

More information here: Relay Switched Programmables


2. Edge-Line Programmables - New dc-40 GHz designs. This series uses a reed switching structure that provides rapid switching together with low insertion loss.

More information here: Edge-Line Programmables


3. Solid-State Programmables - Available in a variety of PIN? GaAs, Phase Compensated designs. These models feature a rugged cost effective designs for wirelles, cellular and Modem Test Applications

More information here: Solid-State Programmables


4. SmartStep® Programmables - This series features a microcontroller-based driver that simplifies operation and interfacing requirements, while providing for greatly enhanced flexibility over past designs.

More information here: SmartStep® Programmables


5. Programmable Attenuator/Switch Controllers - Model 8210A provides the user to control any of our Programable Attenuators using a standard GPIB and/or RS-232 bus controller interfaces.

More information here: Programmable Attenuator/Switch Controllers


Other Features

  • SmartStep High Power (100 W) Hot Switchable Attenuator Units
  • SmartStep Programmable Attenuator Units
  • Long Switching Life and High Repeatability.
  • Choice of Standard Attenuation Ranges
  • Long-term Stability - The resistive elements used in these Programmable Attenuators provide long-term stability over temperature and humidity.
  • Quality Connectors - Aeroflex / Weinschel Programmable Attenuators are supplied with stainless steel SMA, 2.92mm, 3.5mm connectors that mate nondestructively with connectors per MIL-C-39012.
  • Broadband - The Aeroflex / Weinscheln Precision Step Attenuator line provides a wide selection of frequency ranges from dc to 40 GHz.
  • Product Uniformity - High volume fabrication techniques, including injection molding, stamping, broaching and thick film printing ensure a cost effective and uniform product.
  • Custom Designs Available on Request - Just contact us with your special requirement, such as different frequency and attenuation ranges, connector options, and special testing.

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