Schraubensicherungslack SILA 605 (screw securing and thread-sealing varnish)

SCHRAUBENSICHERUNGSLACK (screw securing and thread-sealing varnish)


SCHRAUBENSICHERUNGSLACK (Sealing compound) from Lackfabrik Bäder/Schützinger is the essential tool to protect, mark, fill and seal work involving all kinds of screw securing jobs.

It is used for quality assurance and to safeguard against manipulation in machine-building, precision-engineering, the automotive industry and electronics.

SCHRAUBEN-SICHERUNGSLACK - is an essential tool for all kinds of screw securing jobs in machine-building, precision-engineering, maintanance, automotive-industry and electronics

SCHRAUBEN-SICHERUNGSLACK safeguards your workmanship against manipulation by giving proof of unauthorized undoing of screws, joints, housings/casings and boxes.

SCHRAUBEN-SICHERUNGSLACK helps giving evidence of your quality assurance, production control and final inspection by a varnish-seal.

Product information:


  • Clean, versatile, simple and direct: dropwise application to the desired position
  • Resistant to water, oil and petrol, also to diluted acids and alkalines
  • Fast and highly effective handling even in difficult accessible areas
  • Alloy tube with 20ml content, single packed in folding box including extension tip
  • Seven different colours available for easy recognition or inconspicuous application
  • Safety and chemical datasheet available for download

Prices and delivery times:



  • Do not hesitate contact us for getting price. Basic price for quantity 1-49 pcs, discounted price for quantity 50 and more.
  • Delivery time - currently on stock. If not on the stock - 7-10 days.


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