SPIDER - Mounting System for Temperature Sensors in Temperature and Climatic Chambers

Mounting System for Temperature Sensors in Temperature and Climatic Chambers SPIDER 600/1000


  • Secure mounting for up to 11 temperature sensors 
  • Stainless-steel mounting rods 
  • Insulated temperature sensor mounts


  • Temperature and Climatic Chamber mapping 
  • Chamber validation 
  • Chamber calibration 
  • Uniformity studies


The Spider facilitates flexible positioning of temperature sensors in climatic chambers. It simplifies the setup of chamber temperature tests, calibration and validation. It features eleven (11) sensor mounts made from flexible and insulating Silicone that isolates the temperature sensor from stainless-steel mounting rods.

The mounting rods are configured so that the user can position the temperature sensors in the top and bottom corners (8), as well as bottom, middle and top of the center line of the chamber. This configuration meets the requirements of climatic testing standards and guidelines such as EURAMET/cg/20, IEC60068, DKD-R 5-7 and NF X 15-140.

Humidity Uniformity
In combination with a dew point mirror hygrometer, temperature uniformity data can be combined with dew point data for relative humidity uniformity studies. This methodology is defined within the above-mentioned guidelines and standards.

The Spider is suitable for temperature sensors from 3 to 6mm in diameter, and working
temperatures from - 50 to + 200 °C. It is suitable for use with any type of multichannel temperature measurement systems including the BATEMIKA S12A multichannel thermometer.

Two versions of the Spider are available:

Spider 600 for chamber internal dimensions 480 mm3 to 720 mm3
Spider 1000 for chamber internal dimensions 720 mm3 to 1200 mm3


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