Test, Simulation, RF Distribution Subsystems


Aeroflex / Weinschel offers smart solutions to challenging test, simulation and RF distribution requirements by offering subsystem products that are either off-the-shelf or designed to customer specifications. Our subsystems feature

  • Standard communication interfaces
    (IEEE-488, RS-232, Ethernet)
    with proprietary SmartStep® Technology;

  • Flexible, high-density mechanical layout & packaging;

  • 50 & 75 configurations.

Our subsystems are employed  in telecommunications, radar and CNI, satellite and ground communication systems, base station and mobile unit software conformance verification, signal analysis, cable modem and VoIP testing, production test systems and precision microwave related test instruments.


1. Attenuation Matrices and Multi-Channel Subsystems - 2x6,3x6, 4x6, 6x6, 4x4, 4x8 and 8x8 configurations for typical UMTS, CDMA 2000, & GSM bands. Configurations can cover dc to 40 GHz.

More information here: Attenuation Matrices and Multi-Channel Subsystems.


2. RF Distribution Networks - Complex subsystems can be designed using high performance & standard microwave components creating a complex multi-function RF matrix that is controlled over various standard bus interfaces

More information here: RF Distribution Network


3. Fading Simulators - Aeroflex / Weinschel designs and manufactures multi-path attenuation subsystems for fading simulation/emulation of cellular, 3G, GSM and other wireless systems

More information here: Fading simulation


4. Cellular and Wireless Subsystems with "Low IM" Performance - Combining Aeroflex / Weinschel's years of experience with our SmartStep design approach enables our designers to provide the wireless infrastructure market

More information here: Cellular and Wireless Subsystem with Low IM Performace


5. Switch Matrices - 50Ω and 75Ω designs with high isolation and gain flatness being critical performance parameters within our designs

More information here: Switch Matrices


6. SmartStep® Custom MOdules and Subsystems - Aeroflex / Weinschel's SmartStep technology streamlines system designs and device integration by providing a flexible bus interface.

More information here: SmartStep® Custom Modules and Subsystems


7. WLAN Simulator (8314 Series ) - This specialized subsystem is used to simulate the connectivity between a mobile unit running along a line of 3 base stations spaced from 250 to 1000 meters apart.

More information here: WLAN Simulator


8. Cable Modem Redundant Switches and Test Systems

More information here: Cable Modem Redundant switches and test systems









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