UT-ONE L01A Rugged Thermometer Readout

UT-ONE L01A Rugged Thermometer Readout

UT-ONE L01A is a rugged thermometer readout for accurate and versatile temperature measurements in harsh environments, delivering full accuracy and funcinality of the UT-ONE family of thermometer readouts. Rugged design and extended operating temperature range (-30 °C to 60 °C) allows use in extreme locations, such as rivers, glaciers, sewers and farmland. UT-ONE L01A is particulary useful for temperature monitoring in industrial environment, outdoor climate/ambient monitoring, as well as for integration in automated test equipment and control systems.

UT-ONE L01A features one main channel, which can measure either a Pt100 or thermistor probe (this option is configured during manufacturing and can't be changed by the user). Probe resistance is measured in 4-wire connection configuration.

UT-ONE L01A features the RS232 communication interface for a connection to a computer or control system. An external USB to RS232 converter is provided with the device and enables quick connection to any computer with provided or custom-made acquisition software. Alternatively, UT-ONE L01A can be configured in standalone configuration, which stores acquired readings in the internal memory.

UT-ONE L01A features a rugged housing made of machined aluminium. It is shock resistant, waterproof, resistant to most common chemicals and features IP68 ingress protection. It features off-the-shelf and easy to assemble circular connectors (Bulgin Buccaneer 400).


  • Ideal for temperature monitoring in harsh environments
  • Long-term monitoring of climate conditions
  • Monitoring in industrial environment
  • Integration in automated test equipment
  • Single-channel temperature measurement
  • Platinum resistance thermometer or thermistor option selectable at ordering
  • 4-wire resistance measurement
  • Circular connector with IP68 ingress protection
  • Off-the-shelf and easy-to-assemble connectors (Bulgin Buccaneer 400)
  • Waterproof and shock-resistant design with machined aluminium housing
  • RS232 interface with baud rates up to 250 kbauds
  • USB to RS232 converter included for direct connection to a computer
  • Internal flash memory for measurement storage
  • Standard and custom probe characterization
  • Acquisition software and LabVIEW

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