UT-ONE S01A 1-channel Thermometer Readout


UT-ONE S01A 1-channel Thermometer Readout

UT-ONE S01A is an accurate and versatile 1-channel benchtop thermometer readout. UT-ONE S01A is capable of measuring platinum resistance thermometers, thermistors and thermocouples. UT-ONE S01A delivers full accuracy and functionality of the UT-ONE family in a compact and rugged format. UT-ONE S01A is used in connection with a computer with associated acquisition software and is ideal for wide variety of research&development activities.

Resistance probes (PRTs) can be measured in 4-wire connection configuration. Banana connectors are user friendly, easily used with banana plugs, bare wires or spade lugs.

UT-ONE S01A can be operated connected to the computer via USB interface in conjunction with UT-ONE Applications software. Power to thermometer readout is also supplied via USB cable.

Specification summary
Probe: Platinum resistance th. Thermistors Thermocouple
Probe type: Pt100, Pt25, Pt200 NTC 2k, 3k, 10k K, J, T, E, N, S, R, B
Characterization: CVD, Polynom, ITS-90 SteinHart-Hart, Polynom Deviation function
Accuracy (Typical): ±0.006 °C ±0.001°C ±0.1 °C (Ext. CJC)
Effective resolution: 0.0005 °C 0.0001 °C 0.01 °C
Measurement current: 1 mA, 0.707 mA ±1% 20 μA, 14.1 μA ±1% n/a



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