Invitation to the exhibition AMPER 2022

Tue 19.04.2022

AMPER 2022, 17.- 23 . 5. 2022, BVV Brno, Amtest-TM s.r.o. hall V, booth No. V 2.15

Invitation to the exhibition AMPER 2022


Dear business partners,


Hereby we would like to invite You for the visit our booth at the 28TH INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR OF ELECTROTECHNICS, ENERGETICS, AUTOMATION, COMMUNICATION, LIGHTING, AND SECURITY TECHNOLOGIES called AMPER 2022, which will run at 17th - 20th March 2022 at the Brno Exhibition Centre:

HALL V, booth No. V 2.15


We are going to present a lot of new and interesting products from measurements, calibration, and testing devices, which is successfully used in many sectors of metrology, industry, electronic development, repair centers, and education. Here is a brief overview:


  • measuring accessories
  • calibration chambers and baths
  • standards (resistance, capacitance, inductance)
  • equipment for metrology
  • NTP/PTP servers, solutions for PTP
  • protecting against GNSS Jamming
  • timekeeping solution
  • temperature metrology
  • products for measuring flow, level, and pressure
  • and more and more...


We can offer free tickets to those interested and to our business partners upon registration (send your inquiry to, or call +420 731 440 664)

In order to be able to properly serve our customers, we offer the opportunity to reserve meetings to an exact date and time. By this will be assured maximal care and discussion dedicated to the customer without any rush or influence of exhibition.

More information on contact details above.

We are looking forward to meeting you.


Map of exhibition center:

Exhibition centre Amper 2022

Photo of Amtest-TM booth:

Booth of Amtest-TM s.r.o.


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