Protecting Critical Infrastructure - Ports

Tue 08.02.2022

Protecting Critical Infrastructure - Ports

Protecting Critical Infrastructure - Ports

The world relies on infrastructure essential for maintaining health, safety, security and economic welfare. Critical infrastructure comprises the assets that deliver the necessary services. Any disruption to these services would impact the economy, security, and health of societies.

Transportation is a critical sector and, like all other critical infrastructures, it is vulnerable to cyber attacks. Part of that sector are the ports that handle tons of cargo, crucial to the economy. Any disruptions in port operations cause severe delays and losses running into millions of Dollars.
The cranes used in modern ports have sophisticated positioning systems based on GNSS to provide accurate and speedy automation of loading and offloading of cargo.

PNT Security

When GNSS is jammed, the cranes stop working and are unable to load or unload the cargo, resulting in serious delays and significant costs. These extend to ships that are queuing and ultimately the end-user of the goods is affected and the port authority looses significant amounts of money.

Jamming can come from trucks in the area, unfriendly ships, friendly or unfriendly people in the area, unintentional interference and others. Read more: Case Studies


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