Miniature Atomic Clock (MAC-SA5X)

Miniature Atomic Clock (MAC-SA5X)


Learn About Our Miniature Atomic Clock

The MAC-SA5X is designed for applications that require rubidium atomic clock holdover performance but are constrained by size and low power requirements. Its superb short-term stability (Allan Deviation), resistance to temperature changes (tempco) and long-term drift performance allow tight synchronization to GNSS timing or another primary reference clock. This enables nanosecond holdover performance for days at a time.

Key Features

  • The MAC-SA55 offers excellent stability for its size:
    • < 1.5E-11 ADEV @ 1s        
    • < 5E-11 monthly aging (frequency drift per month)
    • < 5E-11 frequency change vs. -40°C to +75°C temperature change
    • < 200 ns holdover ability over 24 hours (typical, static temperature)
  • Remote monitoring and control (RS232 and USB)
  • 1 PPS disciplining from externally supplied signal (phase and frequency calibration)
  • Dimensions: 51 × 51 × 18 mm
  • ClockstudioTM software tool supports MAC products


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