TimeProvider® 4100

TimeProvider® 4100 Series

 IEEE® 1588-compliant Grandmasters for precise time and synchronization to avoid interferences and to optimize the wireless spectrum. Our TimeProvider 4100 series is an innovative and flexible hardware platform with unique differentiating software options and multiple operation modes that you can deploy at core sites, aggregation sites, fronthaul or backhaul. Our TP4100 is an investment in a platform that will evolve with industry needs. Watch our video to learn about version 2.3 of the TimeProvider 4100 series.


Key Features

Our TP4100 is an IEEE 1588 v2 PTP Grandmaster with PTP, NTP and SyncE capabilities. It meets Primary Reference Time Clock Class A, Class B and enhanced Primary Reference Time Clock (ePRTC) specifications and exceeds class D specifications for multidomain boundary clocks. Here are some key highlights of our TP4100 features:

  • High capacity: 1,000 PTP unicast timeReceiver clocks at 128 PPS 
  • Reliable fanless passive thermal operation
  • Redundancy via software mechanisms using two active and standby units
  • Patented enhanced APTS with Automatic Asymmetry Compensation (AAC)
  • Zero-trust security Grandmaster with strong differentiated timing security
  • Performance monitoring for phase and legacy signals


Product Highlights

In the virtual Primary Reference Time Clock (vPRTC) architecture, to minimize the dependency on GNSS, receivers are only required in the core enhanced Primary Reference Timing Clock (ePRTC) sites where they can be protected and monitored to shield the network from the risk of GNSS jamming or spoofing threats. TP4100 is also capable of getting its time reference from national metrology labs.

The TP4100 ensures redundancy via bi-directional east and west timing flows to local source clocks in aggregation sites with 100 ns of accuracy.

You can configure our TP4100 clock in the following ways:

  • In ePRTC operation mode to provide 30 ns accuracy at the source of timing chain (now capable of a 30-day holdover and exceeds the 14-day standard)
  • As a high-performance boundary clock to deliver high accuracy over a secure optical network (now exceeds Class D: 15 ns for a chain of 15 boundary clocks)
  • As a gateway clock on the protected PTP southbound timing flow toward 5G Remote Radio Heads (RRHs)

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